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Open Spaces Sacred Places Garden


The purpose of the “Timeless Seasons in the Sun” Open Spaces Sacred Places garden is to create a holistic therapeutic greenspace environment that is physically, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually stimulating and beneficial to all sojourners.  Sojourners include the residents of Piedmont Health Care Center and Specialty Care Assisted Living, family, friends, staff and general public.  The sacred space park is a handicap accessible public gardens site that utilizes a concrete ‘portal’ shady area to begin our journey; a circular ‘pathway’ surrounding a cascading water fountain, wind chimes, birdhouses/feeders, butterfly feeders and benches ‘surrounded’  by shrubbery to stimulate interaction with nature (sun, water, wind, wildlife, plants).  Two concrete circular ‘destination’ sites extend off the circular ‘pathway’ to invite the sojourner to interact with two massive sundials which create shadows from the sun to measure the endless motion of time.

gardenThe “Timeless Seasons in the Sun” OPEN SPACES SACRED PLACES Garden is a planned journey of the sojourners through four design styles: portal, pathway, destination, and surrounding.

We are soliciting your support for a major fundraiser project at the Timeless Seasons in the Sun Sacred Space to be located on the campus of the Piedmont Health Care Center. This project presents an opportunity for you, the public, to purchase an engraved brick paver to honor your loved one with their name permanently engraved on the brick or to represent your business or other commitment to the community. Your brick will be located in one of the following zones:

  • Zone 1: Around the Reflecting Pool – a cascading water fountain surrounded with indigenous shrubbery to encourage interaction with nature.
  • Zone 2: Three Portals or Destinations –
    • Destination 1 – Analematic Sundial Portal
    • Destination 2 – Horizontal Sundial Portal
  • Zone 3: Along the Seasons’ pathways; which extends from the PHCC Memory Care walkway to the Reflecting Pool/Flowing Water Fountain, located in the center of the garden; and all along the pathways connecting the entrance and portals.
  • This Open Spaces Sacred Places garden concept was developed from collaboration with the TFK Foundation of Baltimore, Maryland to create an open space for visitors (known as sojourners) to come for a time of reflection, respite, recollection and rest in a sacred place.
  • The “Timeless Season in the Sun” Open Spaces Sacred Places Garden was funded by a $10,000 Susan Parker Stringfellow Health Grant from the Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama in Anniston, Alabama, a $8,500 Grant from The Daniel Foundation of Birmingham, Alabama, a $1,750­ grant from The Coosa Valley Resource Development and Conservation Counsel, an Alabama governmental funding organization in Heflin, Alabama; funding, labor and material-in-kind from the Piedmont Health Care Authority and Municipal Board of the City of Piedmont, Alabama; and, private donors.
  • The “Timeless Seasons In The Sun” OPEN SPACES SACRED PLACES garden was developed, constructed, and maintained by committee members Dr. Benjamin Ingram, co-Firesoul and President of Piedmont Healthcare Authority; Mrs. Sandra Keener; co-Firesoul and Administrator of Piedmont Healthcare Center and Duggar Mountain Specialty Care Assisted Living Facility; Mrs. Trudy Lowe, member and Vice President/ Chief Financial Officer for Preferred Health Services which manages the nursing home; Mr. Tony Ward, Member and Maintenance Supervisor for PHCC; and, Mr. Fred Smith, Grant Program Coordinator with the Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama.

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